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By George Nevada Thomas

"Success does not mean the accumulation of wealth, the maintenance of position, nor supremacy of power. Success means a life free from the burden of anxiety and liberated from the thralldom of fear." - Ernest Holmes

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The Internet has made a profound change in the world today. There is not a business, profession or endeavor of mankind that has not been affected by the World Wide Web. This of course could not have happened without the computer. The modern computer is very powerful and it is becoming more ubiquitous everyday. It has permeated the entire fabric of human development to the point that disposable birthday or get-well cards can now be purchased with tiny computer chips and speakers hidden inside that will play recorded songs or messages.

Today there is approximately 350 countries with more countries being created all the time. We as a race of human beings are becoming more involved with each other everyday and in everyway all over the world. The United Nations has stated that there are over four billion cell phones in regular use today. Google reports that there are over 23 billion web sites. What does this mean to you as a songwriter? It means you can write a song in the morning, record a digital presentation on your computer add entire symphony of music and effects, film yourself singing it in High Definition upload it to YouTube put it on one hundred internet radio stations release the song through Tune Core or CD and start selling MP3 files before midnight. WOW! What a day. Oh least I forget you can also push a button on and upload it to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and a half dozen other sites, for your waiting millions of listeners.

This is a very exciting time to be in the music business and it is a business
just like anything else and it will require your undivided attention. Today every kid with a guitar wants to get up on the stage and sing. The animation system is becoming more and more famous these
Video games are setting the stage for future entertainers. Music permeates
the air waves, music is in movies, video games, heard on radio and the internet and now you can even have ring tones programmed to let you know someone is calling you on your cell phone. Personally, I think it’s great and for you the songwriter that means plenty more of business.


The cell phone of tomorrow will have incredible abilities. If you look back just a few years the cell phone was the size of a brick. Today the cell phone is small, lite and more important it is becoming very powerful. It will be the one device that everyone wants and the options that it will offer will be nothing less than fantastic.

Just the way Google and Sony an a host of other companies want to have you download movies and music today. The cell phone will be the delivery system vehicle to drive all the other systems. You will be able to project pictures, transcribe words, manipulate the keys from projected key boards or use
a spoken language to control the device. The cell phone will be programmed in such a way that you will believe that you are speaking with another person but in truth you will be speaking with a machine that has such a vast response network that you will be convinced it is human. It will truly become you companion it will discuss the phone calls make suggestions about your days affairs and even offer advice about what you should do. Talk about brave new world.

In 1900 there was approximately 60 countries in the world, The Radio, Television, or Airplanes had not been invented Motion Pictures were just beginning and the world was evolving slowly, today the world is changing
At a much faster pace simply because there more tools available for mankind
to use and change his world. You as a songwriting Artist will be called upon to comment of the affairs of the times. Songwriters have been doing this since the caveman days.

Songwriters are just as important to the community consciences as any
journalist, public or religious speaker. We human beings are the dominant
species on this planet and as such we have a obligation to see that this world
is protected for the future generations to come. Furthermore that the environment and the creatures that inhabit the oceans the forest and fields are cared for and protected.
As songwriters it will become your responsibility to create the songs that
carry this message to the people of this world and the worlds to come in the future.


Paying attention to detail (Songwriters Handbook)

Knowledge is power and one of the most respected minds in the history of the world was Isaac Newton.
“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than to any other talent.”

Paying attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of a songwriter’s job. Each word is a intricate part of the over all effect and meaning. The desired effect hangs in the balance. If you make a wrong choice because of lack of attention to detail the song sufferers. The desired presentation the songwriter wanted to create is lost. Many screenplay writers have mentioned that no scene is superfluous in a movie. The same thing applies to a song, No word or phrase should be introduced into the song unless it is absolutely necessary to the complete presentation. Now you might think, isn’t that a bit much? The song is Everything to the writer, it may seem small, but when it’s formed in the correct fashion It is just as important a job or product as a properly designed and constructed house or
building or anything else that a man or women creates. If the foundation of
a house or building is poorly constructed or improperly designed everything
that is added onto the foundation will be out of balance and the more is added on the worst the project becomes to finally it is finished and it must
be taken down. Now a song is not that involved you say, the more you study
songs at lest the great one the more you see the foundation and how it supports every single word and phase in perfect harmony. Often times great
painters would hide pictures within the picture they where painting and only after detailed study would the observer notice the picture within the picture.
As songwriters you are not concerned with pictures rather words, phrases
melodies the syncopation melodic compositions musical structure and its
inherent compostion.

Linguistics. The character of a vowel sound determines the size and shape of the oral cavity and the amount of resonance with which the sound is produced. It is necessary
As a songwriter to familiarize yourself with all aspects of not only the words you use
but also the way in which words are spoken and used in conversations and specifically
in your music. 4

Diphthongs in Phonetics the dictionary defines a diphthong as a part of complex speech sounds beginning with one vowel sound and moving to another vowel or semivowel position within the same syllable. For example, ( oy) in the word ( boy) is a diphthong..

Another example of Diphtongs is in the letter ( f )
My five year old son, who was a very bright boy, however he had a terrible time with any word that started with the letter f , this was cute for awhile but eventually something had to be done. The word football would come out dootball so people would be laughing and they would ask? “what did you say?” That day as we waited in the car for my wife to come out of the house. I said to my son, who was sitting in the back seat would you like to play a trick on Marilyn? Yes he replied! So I said now listen carefully, when she gets in the car and we start to drive away I will ask you If you liked playing football in school today? Now you reply by saying Ya I like to play FOOTBALL.

You know I can’t say words like that. Really I replied, I can show you how to solve that problem in one minute. You can he asked excitedly? Easy, I said, all you have to do is put your bottom lip behind you front teeth and press down a little as you say FOOTBALL and the word will come out perfectly. So he tried it and said the word and miraculously the word FOOTBALL sounded perfect. I did it he exclaimed! Naturally, I said (imitating Luis Costello} Oh here comes Marilyn , Now remember, I will ask you the question. OK and then you reply. You got that, Yes! David nodded his head with a gleeful smile on his face. As we started up the driveway I said in a non-chalant manner Hey, David How did you like playing FOOTBALL in school today?

Ya I liked to play dootball.
I snapped my head around quickly and stared hard at him, What did you say, I said sternly. OH… OH.. Yar Yar I mean I like playing FOOTBALL.
Just at that moment Marilyn turned with a big smile on her face did you hear that!
What , I replied!
David just said FOOTBALL!
Naturally, that speech problem he had is long gone.
As we drove on I could see David in the mirror silently practicing his diphthong. 5
From that day forth David never had a speech problem.

Linguistics is a very important part you your knowledge and as a songwriter you will
Be called upon time after time to create phasing that will work in harmony with music.

FACT: While working on the design of the pendulum clock in 1656, Dutch scientist Christian Huygens found that if he placed two unsynchronized clocks side by side on a wall, they would slowly synchronize to each other.
Songwriters want above all to have listeners to their music in syncopation with the music.
The environment that we write our songs in will literally determine what kind of song and what emotional value it has.

Quantum Physics states that our consciousness determines the characteristics of the physical matter we interact with. In other words, our environment will play a roll in everything that we do in life. WE attract what we are conscious of and we experience what we are conscious of in all aspects of our life.

Listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication, in many circumstances." - Stanford Scholar Gabe Turow

The power of the brain and the way in which we program it daily

Example: Say to yourself... "I am in love." Now say to yourself... "You are in love." See the difference? It is subtle, but your brain recognizes it as an outside source telling you a fact.


The Glass of Water

A notable psychiatrist made this psychiatric demonstration famous.
He would fill a glass of water halfway and he would ask a patient to describe
What he was looking at. The patient untimely would either state that the glass
was half empty or half full, If the patient said half empty he knew he was talking to a Pessimist and everything that patient said from that point on was interpreted from
that perspective. Conversely if the patient said half-full he knew he was talking to a Optimist and once again the persons world was interpreted from that perspective and rightly so. This little experiment became a marker for many types of evaluations
of people in general society. Being a pessimist or optimist is not like having some disease.
Knowing what kind of a personality one has is a starting point from which to change. Each person has both good and bad in their personality and this is what living a life is all about.

A songwriter truly becomes a student of many different disciplines so learning about
A number of different subjects is par for the course, Readers become leaders that’s no lie and became a verse in one of my songs. “Jumpen on Down”

Habits become character is another ancient bit of wisdom that I worked into a song entitled “Over the Line”


Whether or not we believe in them, we are constantly making
affirmations. The man who asserts that he can and will do a thing -
and asserts it earnestly - develops in himself the qualities conducive
to the well doing of that thing, and at the same time places his mind in
the proper key to receive all the thought waves likely to help him in
the doing. If, on the other hand, one says and feels that he is going to
fail, he will choke and smother the thoughts coming from his own
subconscious mentality which are intended to help him, and at the
same time will place himself in tune with the Failure-thought of the world. William Walker Atkinson famous book, Thought Vibration

If you throw a rock into a still pond of water the resulting impact will send out circular Waves.
Radio waves, radio carrier waves television waves cell phone waves are All examples of the invisible nature of vibrations of energy. The same concept is inherent in the mental waves of people communicating silently between people and how they pick up or sense emotional waves from each other.

Working in harmony with the positive elements of this world is what is necessary for clear thinking. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones awoke from a stupor he said and immediately wrote the biggest hit song they had “ can’t get no satisfaction”.
Makes you wonder about what kind of a mind some people have.
The future of songwriting is tied directly into the technological advancement of the world.


These are direct quotes form and their question page.

We're very excited about the possibilities of the 3G cellular networks that are finally rolling out in the US. Verizon has a broadband wireless service now available in many US metro areas (click here for coverage info & pricing) that works great for wireless listening with a laptop (any model) or PDA (currently only a single model available through them). We've heard from several RP listeners who use the service & they say it seriously rocks.

In another 2 or 3 years broadband wireless should be much more widely available, and will provide a viable alternative to satellite radio, especially in or near major metro areas.

Also - see the section about Podcasting for suggestions on how to listen to RP on your iPod or other portable MP3 player (which can be piped into your car stereo through a number of different ways).

List of music types
One of the major websites request artists to identify what type of music they have
created so that they can find a slot for it. This is their list

Blues Guitar Solo
Country Rock / Instrumental
Electronic Solo Instrumental
Heavy Rock Holiday / Seasonal
Instrumental International
International Israeli
Jazz New Age / World
Latin Reggae
Other Tropical
R&B Latin
Rock Other
Spiritual Pop
Urban Indie Pop
BLUES Singer / Songwriter ( Female)
COUNTRY Singer / Songwriter (Male Alternative Country R&B
Americana / All Country R&B / Soul
Traditional / Country ROCK
Traditional Country / Roots Alt. Rock
ELECTRONIC Contemporary / Soft Rock
Ambient / Chill Funk / Groove & Soul Rock
Club / Dance Indie Rock
Electronic / Electro – Pop Jam Bands
Experimental Modern Rock
Techno Southern / Blues Rock / Rockabilly
Techno / Ambient SPIRITUAL
FOLK Christian
Acoustic Spiritual (sub)
Bluegrass URBAN
New Folk Alternative Hip - Hop
Roots Bust it Like Busta
Death Metal / Grindcore Rap / Gangsta Rap
Gothic / Industrial Spoken Word / Perf. Poetry
Hard Rock
Hardcore Rock
Punk / Ska / Psyohobilly
Crossover Rock created by George Thomas

Copyright Laws SH

Fair use is a copyright principle based on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials forpurposes of commentary and criticism. For example, if you wish to criticize a novelist, you should have the freedom to quote a portion of the novelist's work without asking permission. Absent this freedom, copyright owners could stifle any negative comments about their work.
Unfortunately, if the copyright owner disagrees with your fair use interpretation, the dispute will have to be resolved by courts or arbitration. If it's not a fair use, then you are infringing upon the rights of the copyright owner and may be liable for damages.
The only guidance is provided by a set of fair use factors outlined in the copyright law. These factors are weighed in each case to determine whether a use qualifies as a fair use. For example, one important factor is whether your use will deprive the copyright owner of income. Unfortunately, weighing the fair use factors is often quite subjective. For this reason, the fair use road map is often tricky to navigate.

Judith Finell
Invasion of the Tune Snatchers - Does Copyright Law Inhibit or Enhance Musical Creativity Today?

Music technology has radically changed the way in which music is composed, produced, performed, and obtained. Many artists openly utilize the works of others, often altering the core sonic characteristics of a sampled fragment. These developments pose new challenges to doctrines such as fair use, scenes a faire, and infringement criteria, such as access, transformative use, and prior art.

copyright, legal, financial, business, production, planning, and marketing. The revenue streams from your song or recording are created, that is, the “instrument” that takes your rights and turns them into money.
You render an “original” idea in a tangible form, then you have created a copyright song. The second you make your idea tangible, six “exclusive rights” attach to that work, and they are your rights as the author or creator of that work.
Song titles like movie titles cannot be copyrighted.